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BioActive Soil Inoculant (Bulk per lb)


A high-quality inoculant for your soil or backyard compost pile, teeming with all the soil food web microorganisms.  This is nothing like conventional compost, which is typically just organic material with some bacteria.  We start with diverse, high-quality materials and put them through either a vermicompost system or a thermophilic composting process that create an inoculant that will regenerate your soil ecosystem.

Each batch of our bioactive compost is assessed with a microscope and verified biologically complete with a diverse community of:

  • fungi
  • bacteria
  • beneficial protozoans
  • beneficial nematodes
  • microarthropods

With a balanced fungal to bacterial ratio and the complete soil food web, our bioactive soil inoculant can help increase the yields of your garden plants, shrubs and trees, and result in more nutrient-dense produce.  Restoring beneficial soil biology increases resistance to pests and disease, reduces weed pressure, builds soil structure to improve water infiltration and water holding capacity of your soil, and more!



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