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Soil Health Analysis

Complete Biology Assessment


Soil scientists now widely recognize that healthy soil is an ecosystem.

Microscopic analysis is the most direct and powerful method to determine whether your soil is teeming with the beneficial community of fungi, microorganisms and arthropods that Mother Nature designed.

This assessment tells us exactly what’s needed to regenerate your soil to that ecosystem, for fertility, inherent disease resistance, carbon drawdown and nutrient dense food.

We can assess your soil, compost or any solid or liquid agricultural amendment.  Click here for sampling and shipping instructions.  You’ll get a *.pdf report by email within one week of your order.  If another format (e.g. *.csv) is preferable, let us know.  We include recommendations for optimal levels of each soil food web organism for your crop/plant species. The assessment includes quantitative estimates of:

Beneficial Organisms:                                                                          Potentially non-beneficial organisms:

total bacterial biomass (ug/g soil)

total beneficial fungal biomass

fungal to bacterial ratio

beneficial fungal hyphyal diameter

total actinobacterial biomass

total flagellates (number/g soil)

total amoebae

total bacterial-feeding nematodes

total fungal-feeding nematodes

total predatory nematodes

total oomycete biomass (potentially pathogenic fungi)

total ciliates (indicator of anaerobic soil conditions)

total root-feeding nematodes (often pathogenic)

pathogenic bacterial indicators (spirochetes, etc)

Rapid Biology Assessment


For when you just need a rough check of the biology in your soil, compost, or agricultural amendment, this assessment will give you a semi-quantitative picture of who’s in there.  Same organisms, same methods as the full biology assessment, just pared down to allow a quick, “on-a-budget” assessment of how your soil food web looks. 

Your results will be a qualitative description of your soil food web ecosystem, sent by email within one week of your order.  The assessment includes qualitative estimates of:

Beneficial Organisms:                                                           Potentially non-beneficial organisms:

        bacterial biomass                                                                          oomycete biomass (potentially pathogenic fungi)

        beneficial fungal biomass                                                            ciliates (indicator of anaerobic soil conditions)

        fungal to bacterial ratio                                                                root-feeding nematodes (often pathogenic)

        fungal diversity                                                                              pathogenic bacterial indicator species (spirochetes, etc)

        actinobacterial biomass

        beneficial protozoans

        beneficial  nematodes


(A note on pricing:  If you have concern that this cost would make it difficult for you to afford other necessary personal expenses, please email joshua@weboflifelandcare.com and let’s explore other payment options.  We are open to barter or other alternative economic approaches.  If you feel this service is valuable to you, we don’t want money to be a barrier.)

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