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Microbiology Assessment


This in-depth biological test provides a broad ecological profile of your soil, compost, or agricultural amendment.  The assessment is performed with a shadowing compound microscope, and evaluates the state of the soil food web microbial community.  The results inform what steps are needed for the restoration of your soil (or other medium). 

Results are typically emailed to you in *.pdf document format, but if another format (e.g. *.csv spreadsheet) is preferable, please let us know.  Along with your results, we include recommendations for optimal levels of each soil food web organism, based on crop type or plant/tree species. The assessment includes quantitative estimates of:

BENEFICIAL ORGANISMS:                                                                                           NON-BENEFICIAL ORGANISMS:

total bacterial biomass (ug/g soil)

total beneficial fungal biomass (ug/g soil)

fungal to bacterial ratio

beneficial fungal hyphyal diameter (um)

total actinobacterial biomass (ug/g soil)

total flagellates (number/g soil)

total amoebae (number/g soil)

total bacterial-feeding nematodes (number/g soil)

total fungal-feeding nematodes (number/g soil)

total predatory nematodes (number/g soil)

total oomycete biomass (ug/g soil)

total ciliates (number/g soil)

total root-feeding nematodes (number g/soil)

pathogenic bacterial indicators (qualitative, present/not present)

(A note on pricing:  We plan to introduce a tiered pricing structure soon to attempt to account for the fact that not everyone has the same financial resources.  Until then, if you have concern that this cost would make it difficult for you to afford other necessary personal expenses, please email joshua@weboflifelandcare.com and let’s explore other payment options.  We are open to barter or other alternative economic approaches.  If you feel this service is valuable to you, we don’t want money to be a barrier.)

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