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Soil Bio-Inoculant

1 – 5 gallons     $28 / gallon                        6 gallons plus        $24 / gallon

You might call this biologically active compost.

A little bit goes a long way, because its primary benefit is to regenerate your gardens, orchards, and landscape to the living soil ecosystems Mother Nature intended.

While the vast majority of commercial compost products are almost exclusively bacterial, this bio-inoculant is meticulously crafted in small-batches and maintained to arrive home with you brimming with diverse soil life—a balanced fungal to-bacterial ratio, beneficial protozoans, nematodes and arthropods—the complete soil food web, in fact.*

*Verified biologically complete by microscopic analysis per standards developed by Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School.  Each batch has available a report showing actual concentrations of the full spectrum of soil microorganisms.

Uses: Work into soil surface within dripline of established plants and mulch or seed cover plant; add handfuls to new plantings to inoculate root zone; make a simple liquid compost extract for soil surface drench soil or direct injection to root zone by simply poking holes and pouring in; there are many ways to inoculate plants, from seed to maturity.

Compost Extracts and Teas 

Available upon request.

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