Web of Life Regenerative Land Care


How are things growing?

…in your garden?  Your farm?  Around your homestead?  Would you appreciate a simple way to 

  • transform those problem crops into thriving, disease-free and insect resistant plants without using chemicals? 
  • grow lush, healthy trees, lawn and landscape using a totally biological approach?   
  • starve your weeds while your crop or landscape plants grow strong and resilient? 
  • be sure the food you grow for your family or community is nutrient-dense?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the soil food web approach may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

This method of growing is based on the emerging understanding that soils are ecosystems, and HEALTHY SOIL = LIVING SOIL.  It is already being used on millions of acres across the globe to:

→  grow abundant garden and ornamental plants completely chemical-free

→  increase net farm income (reducing those input costs and increasing yields) 

→  balance the soil nitrogen pool for garden, crop and landscape plants, eliminating high-nitrate conditions that weeds love 

→  restore natural nutrient-density to garden and farm produce

→  naturally coat plants with beneficial biology that protects against disease and pests

→  make no-till growing practical

→  and much, much more!


Who can benefit from regenerating living soil?

→   Home or market gardeners

→   Farmers at any scale

→   Home-owners or businesses with lawns and landscape plants

→   Municipalities with parks and public spaces to keep beautiful and healthy

→   Landscaping enterprises who would like to offer biological lawn and landscape treatments

→   Really anyone who cares about stewarding healthy and beautiful land!

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